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  Gracias por visitar nuestro website. En este sitio usted encontrará algo de nuestra exclusiva, handcrafted caballos oscilantes, los caballos del carrusel y de la antigüedad, los regalos, los accesorios y las pinturas de caballos con una esperanza clásica de touch. We'll que usted gozando de ellos

We are proud to show you one of our carousel horses.
The former owners decided in 2003 to put him on rockers as a large rocking horse (1.55m).
This bow has a length of 2.00m.
They had an unique present under their Christmas tree!

Due to personal reasons from the former owners we had the opportunity to buy this famous horse, our 'mascot', back.
He will get an 'up-date' and will be restyled.

For the making of Napoleon we were inspirered by the horse of Napoleon and the Lippizaner Stallions of the Spanisch Riding school in Austria.Ofcourse is everything on this horse custom- and handmade.
For our horses we use always an ancient oil-technique (see the details below at 'paintwork' )
This horse got 11 layers of 'glacis' which gives him this wonderfull deep grey color.
The velvet saddle is completely hand sewed.
87 antique (glas) pearls from 1920 give this saddle even more a royal appaerance.
The 47 embroidery patterns are made of sewing silk.

The bridle has our solid brass, double reining bit. The tack is also -as everything on this horse- coming from our hand and therefore stamped with our brand and the registration number of the horse.

This is the only one world-wide.................

We received a lot of emails. This is one of them:

"Hello - Your carousel horse is more than I can afford.  But I just wanted to tell you that your carousel horse is the most beautiful horse I have ever seen and that your craftsmanship is amazing.  It is a pleasure to know that such beautiful workmanship exists as well as such a beautiful carousel horse".

NOTE: At this moment we are making a new different horse in the same historic athmosphere.
Contact us if you are seriously interested in this unique, realistic animal..


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