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  Gracias por visitar nuestro website. En este sitio usted encontrará algo de nuestra exclusiva, handcrafted caballos oscilantes, los caballos del carrusel y de la antigüedad, los regalos, los accesorios y las pinturas de caballos con una esperanza clásica de touch. We'll que usted gozando de ellos

Custom designed Carousel

Are you looking to buy an unique and exclusive carousel ?
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Carousel Horses

We have several types of carousel horses in size medium, large and 'extra large' for those who are searching for something different and unique.
Sometimes we are inspired by the beauty of antique and medieval horses and design very special ones .Most of the horses which are shown below are already sold but will give a good impression of our work.

All our horses are unique 'one of a kind' decoration pieces of art, made for decoration purposes, which you will not find elsewhere
In our, only handcrafted, studio we handle our horses with the atmost care and attention.

All the leatherwork and saddlery on our horses is handmade, handstitched and stamped with our brand. The bits are our special, limited design.
Once the horse is ready, you get an unique horse and one of the finest pieces of art.

Remember: it will take at least three months from the receipt of a order to the final delivery.
We always try to meet special dates such as birthdays and Christmas, but -to avoid a disappointment- don't wait too long before ordering!

The paintwork

For our horses we use an ancient oil-technique. By glazing, a time-consuming and difficult painting technique, the horse becomes very lifelike. Glazing is a process of adding depht tot colors and carvings details by applying layers of pigmented stains over a base-coat. Each layer must then be thoroughly dried. After eight or sometimes even 12 layers of paint the horse is sealed with shellac. It is this coat which yellows with age and gives old horses their own, wonderful characteristic

Large carousel horses

The picture below shows an example of a large type carousel horse in brown and white.
Height of these horses is approx.1.40- 1.45m/58inches. Accessories according to the wishes of the customer

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The hair

The hair on our horses is still on real, solid horse-hide. We don't dye it, because this would affect the natural, subtle variations of colour as opposed to a mass product. We use only real horse hair for manes and tails, ensuring a natural and very lifely, realistic appearance

Special large carousel horses

Porthos (for sale)

Persian Path (sold)

"Degas:, an armored carousel horse (sold)

  Gift Reminder

We are happy to present some of our carousel horses.
Height between 1.25-.........m.
The owners of Napoleon decided that they want their horse on a bow to display it as a rocking horse.

'Napoleon' (sold)   'Zeus' (sold)

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'Einstein' (sold)   Custom made (sold)

Note: we have also carousel horses at our antiques page

Extra large carousel horses

On request we're also offering extra large carousel horses which are build on 'rocking metal standards'. These horses are made of lime-wood.
The metal standard type is only available for horses of this size.(height on standard approx.1.60- 1.70m)

Medium carousel horses

´Remus' (sold) ´Don Juan'(for sale)
´Schnautzi' (sold) 'Aramis'(in progress)

Above and below you will see examples of a medium carousel horse with real hair
On our page 'rocking horses' you will find the same horses who can be displayed as a carousel horse as well.
Height approx 1.10m/44inches.
Giovanni and 'Remus' approx.90 cm/36 inches

Giovanni' (sold) Solist' (sold)
'Saluut' (Sold) 'Yum Yum' (sold)

The body

All our own made horses are our exclusive design and only for sale on our website.
We design the unique models of our horses, produce the rough shapes and finish them at our studio in the Netherlands.
We use different kinds of wood. It is also our objective to protect nature and the environment. Therefore we only use wood from firms who's plan it is to achieve this in the best possible ways.

All our horses are tested and made to meet the latest EU regulations.We want that our customers receive the best.

Replica's of autentic, antique carousel horses

Beside our own carousel horses, we offer also faithful replica's of antique carousel horses, such as - for example-the Heyn Gala parade Mirror horses (jumper or stander), the Heyn unicorn model and the Pegasus.You can see some pictures at the page of 'carrouselpaarden'.
All these horses are made from limewood.
Contact us for more information.

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