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We are expert appraisers and valuers of antique rocking - and carousel horses.
If you want to gain some insight into the value or background of your horse, we are qualified to tell you exactly what your items are worth!

When an collector want to have a double check of the real value of her/his art and antiques they can also search with:


Here you'll see a selection of our antique- and vintage carousel - and rocking horses.
Prices on request.
The pictures of the restorations on this page give you an idea of the quality of our work.

Rocking horses, carousel horses and antique toys are a solid investment.
Their prices wil increase as they become older.


Rare antique Hübner carousel horse (ref.nr2022)

Unusual flyer .
Restored back into the original colours.

For Sale


Antique Heyn carousel horse (ref.nr2004)

Unusual "flyer" .
Restored back into the original colours.

For Sale


Impressive, large, antic English rocking horse with 3 seats (ref.2017)

Dated late 19th century, approx English.

For Sale

19th century French Velocipede / tricycle horse (ref.2016)

Dated circa 1890-1910

In consignment.


Large antique rocking horse
on bow (ref.2015)

Large victorian rocking horse, made by the Parker Brothers. In consignment.
Dated circa 1870, restored


Impressive antique Lines carousel Horse (ref.2014)

Dated circa 1880. Original paint. In consignment.


Rare antique carousel from 1922

Original and in working order


Antique French carousel from 1870

A once in a life-time opportunity.One of the last European carousels.
Only for sale as one piece for a very good home.


Magnificent large Heyn carouselhorse
dated circa 1890.



Gorgeous German, unusual rocking and pull horse (
Restored.Dated circa 1910



Lovely collection of carousel horses (
Contemporary carousel horses: Used
Original paint
Click on the horse for more information.

Height circa 1.20m.


Collection of magnificent European carousel horses and rocking horses in original paint( 2029): Collection unique carousel- and rocking horses from different manufacturers in Europe. Early 20th century. In consign (Belgium).


Rare model: restored antique German rocking horse (
Circa 1850-1880
Located in Germany


Vintage carousel horse (ref.nr2028)
Made in Germany circa 1980


Unique, rare velocipede (tricycle) in original (working) condition (ref. 2026)
In consign,
Dated: late 19th or early 20th century (model also visible in the 1914 Sears Catalog)
Located in the USA


C19th British Army Cavalry training horse from a individual regiment but built to a  command ordinance (
On behalve of the owner we are selling this unique piece.
Size: 84inches long (213cm.), 86inches high (219cm).
Carved wood with iron fittings and has its original red ochre finish. No woodworm; some damage to one leather and straw ear

Ask for more details
Price £ 8500


German rocking horse ( consign made by the German firm "Wisenta". Dated first part of the 20th century.
One of our German collegues has made every effort to restore this horse in its former glory. Stirrups has been replaced by antique brass ones and the bit is made of solid messing. Height 80 cm. Price 1395 Euro
Antique English carousel from 1920
A once in a life-time opportunity.One of the last working Englisch carousels. Excellent, working state.
30 original two seated Orton and spooner horses -which moving up and down- and 2 coaches. .


19th century French Velocipede / tricycle horse (
Very rare museumpiece
(made by a patent of Jean Louis Gourdoux of Paris))
One of the few left (worlwide)
A simulair horse is in "le musée du Jouet" in Poissy, France. (made by JUGNET (Lyon, France) / Fin XIXe siècle, unfortunately restorated and not marked.
The horse on your left is stamped 1903 and signed by the maker.
Rococco style cast iron panel.
Original remains of leather and fringed velveteen sattlecloth. Extremely rare in original working condition with original harness!

English rocking horse , (
Dated approx circa 1920, repainted,
Height 1.08m. Length 1.35m.
In consignment.
Price on request

English rocking horse made by the Stevenson Brothers
1990, number 642
, Height 93cm, Length 1,70m,


German rocking- and pull horse made by the Thuringian Toy Company.(
(see also the picture above)
Dated circa 1910.
Complete and all original!

19thCentury: hide covered, rocking horse in canter position.
Original tack. replaced saddlecloth,
German Origin.


A lovely, very large, Bauer & Krause circus rocking horse.( 2014)
type 13
Dated circa 1920. German origin
Skin restaurations at the backside.


An early, gorgeous German, rocking and pull horse (
dated circa 1850-1880.
It regain its former beauty by replacing his ears, manes, tail and bridle.

No bow left (sold)

A large, hide covered German cavalry horse,( dated circa 1850-1900. manes, tail and tack replaced. 2 front weels are missing. Colour of the saddlecloth is the green, which were the colours used by the Kingdom of Saxony in Germany in 1810. The saddlecloth has a gold coloured ribbon.


Tricycle horse (

for decoration purposes

Height: approx 92cm/36 inches
Length approx 99cm/39 inches

An early Bauer and Krause rocking horse, (
dated circa 1900th century. Restored.. The swing rocker regained its colours.Gilt paintwork with brass decorations

For sale/Sold


Magnificent large handcarved European rocking horse.( 2020) 20th century
Height 44inches, 1.15m

A Hugo Rissland & Sohne from Gillersdorf in Germany circa 1920.( 2021)
We repaired the broken bow and removed 17 nails.
Needs re-painting into its original dapple grey, new leather and hair. Rough costs of restoration

The oldest horse we have at this moment. Dated early 19th-century. German origin. Nice carvings.
( 2022)


A rocking horse made by the Lines Brothers, dated before 1927. A Sportiboy Model1.
( 2023)
32 inches/80cm to the ears.
Needs re-painting into its original dapple grey colouring,
new leatherwork and hair.

Mohair, trotting, rocking horse (Ordhruf),
rare, very well preserved, ( 2024)
German origin, 1930-1950

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