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Carousel horse, probably made in Belgium. Height approx. 1meter, Length 1.20m.
Dated circa 1925
The layers of paint are removed till the first, original layer.
Iron restaurations at the legs; Mirrors at the front en at 1 side.


Carousel Horse made by the German firm Heyn. H.1.10m x L.1.20m Dated circa 1925

With Ornaments and mirrors. Original colors/paint.
The usual iron restorations at the left and the right side.


Rare, unusual carousel Horse. Probably German or French.H. 0.88mx L.0.80,approx. 1930.

Completely original, no restorations: unique piece!

Carousel horse with iron head, dated early 20th century( H. 0.80m x  L.0.90m)

Original standard. The saddle is covered with leather.

Rocking horse (H.0.88x L.0.80m) Dated circa 1950.

Glass eyes, Very small hole at the back which is easy to repair.

English rocking horse, dated approx. 1930 ( H. 1.10mxL. 1.00 m)

Original condition.

Rocking Horse without bow (H.0.70x L.0.60m), dated approx. 1950

Skin covered, glass eyes.

Primitive wooden horse with iron head. Dated early 20th century (H.0.80 x L.0.90m)

Completely original

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