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  Gracias por visitar nuestro website. En este sitio usted encontrarį algo de nuestra exclusiva, handcrafted caballos oscilantes, los caballos del carrusel y de la antigüedad, los regalos, los accesorios y las pinturas de caballos con una esperanza clįsica de touch. We'll que usted gozando de ellos



We offer a great deal of exclusive designed accessories for your new rocking horse or carousel horse.
For example exclusive bridles, design saddles, saddlecloths, bits and rugs, is all handmade and of top quality leather; be fitting for customers who want something different.
The full bridles are exactly like a real riding bridles. Buckles can be stainless steel, brass or even real gold or silver .


An example of extra decorated bridle.

Below: an example of some designs with an historic, medieval or new touch.
Some of them are inspirered by the saddles which were used at festivities in Russia during Peter De Great (1630)

Gala saddle

This is an example of our gala saddle (not removable)
Red velvet, French satin, embroidery, gold wire, goldwired tassel, completely handstitched and made to messure.
Completed with handpainted gilt decorations on the sattecloth.
Design J. Wiggenraad)

Handmade Portugese design saddle, dark blue and red sučde, 10"
Handmade Western Saddle , silk embroidery, black sučde, 9 "
Handmade Gala parade design saddle, sučde, silk embroidery, brass and silver decorations, 10 "
Spanish design saddle, 8", dark brown leather


Exclusive handmade, English boots. They are made of leather with a lining of neoprene, just like the real ones!
We've made a various range of boots. Here you see two examples. These boots are made of leather with sheepskin.


Our design solid brass double reining bit.
The mouthbar is a screw-wire. which we make to messure (most horses are different) before drilling a hole just behind the mouth.
Fits every rocking/carousel horse.
Limited edition.
(Design J. Wiggenraad)


These quality blankets are made with a gold coloured edging and suitable for all our medium rocking horses or carousel horses.


Examples of different types of bows, always in the 'ancient' way. This means that we don't use screws or nails. The only screws you'll see are the ones, which attach the horse to the bow. The Mark 1 bow requires minimal space in your room . It has a length of 48inches/1.20m. It will rock less firm than the model we've used for our other horses..
The Mark 2 is our favourite, classic model. This bow has a length of approx. 60inches/1.50 m.. The Mark2dL is similar to the Mark 2 but has original solid brass harness rosettes or handcarved decorations..

Mk 2
Mk 2dL (Design H.v.d.Want)


We tan only the best tails.

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